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Global Goodness

Sustainable business is at the heart of everything we do. This means that as much as possible we choose options that are better for people, animals and planet – for the world. At GiftNation we call it ‘global goodness’: doing good in the interest of the world around us. For example, our building is completely power-neutral, we use plastic-free and recyclable materials whenever possible, and our fleet is 100% electric.

Our workplace
Our office is where we work and where we receive our clients. A place where we feel at home and where we can work within the best working conditions. Thanks to 66 solar panels, we generate about 18,000 kWh of electricity annually, making our building completely power-neutral. Incidentally, we also use that power for our cars, which are all 100% electric.

Our products meet at least the applicable legal requirements. Minimal – because we like to go the extra mile. So you are assured of a good quality product that will last(er) a long time.

Together towards a circular economy
Using raw materials differently is becoming increasingly important: many products are produced sustainably and raw materials are recycled more and more. Also at GiftNation. We use plastic-free packaging as much as possible (think Nature’s Gift, HappySoaps), biodegradable or recycled raw materials (think BloomPost, Plantje.nl) and products and packaging that are easy to recycle (more than 1000 Cradle to Cradle products from Brabantia).

We are also very active with digital content and products. Think of gift cards in the form of an e-card or digital vouchers that can be redeemed on our brands’ websites. So our ‘print’ footprint is almost zero.

Caring for each other
By investing in each other and looking out for each other, we can grow. We therefore take good care of each other, and of our customers, suppliers and producers. We have an eye for each other and for the society around us. For that reason, we also offer apprenticeships, for example, so that we can also mean something to others.

Socially involved
GiftNation supports initiatives such as local food forests and the Food Bank and donates leftover collection items to charity. In addition, we actively work for better working conditions in our supply chain (social compliance) and focus on a collection that is developed and produced with consideration and love for our planet.

Our ambitions
Together with our brands, we want to make our footprint as small as possible. We do this partly by supporting them in implementing sustainable developments, but also by adding new sustainable brands to our collection.

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